Polymer Clay Things I’ve Made

When started buying materials for making things out of polymer clay, I went way overboard and bought way too many things that I never ended up using. I bought a lot of supplies without having a project in mind, which is a terrible idea for me. I like the feeling of having everything that I could possibly need, but I also don’t like to be wasteful. Kits are a wonderful thing, and I try my best to find and buy nice starter kits. I want to stop being wasteful, but I love learning new things. The things that I actually needed for these projects were just a few colors.

The main project I had in mind to do was to make little sitting animals. I was inspired by the papercraft finger puppets from the Japanese site Terra Cotta.

I made this piggy to give to a friend at work. (Sorry the pictures are blurry, I snapped them before I gave it away while at work.)

IMAG0031 IMAG0030

This little ducky sits in my kitchen window most of the time. He’s been through some rough times and has lost each leg from being knocked over by one of our cats. When different colors are joined, they don’t always stick well, but I superglued him back together and you’d never know. 🙂


I made this cat to look like my sister-in-law’s black cat, Ian. I made it as a charm with glow in the dark eyes. I was intending to give it to my sister-in-law, but right after it was baked, I lost it. It was at the bottom of a basket, not to be seen for a while until my mother-in-law found it.



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